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    Ed's Pharmacy is an independent, locally owned company that

    provides a unique combination of patient services that most

    chain pharmacies cannot or do not offer.



    In order to assure safe and accurate dosing of patient medications, Ed's

    Pharmacy "unit doses" or puts medications in "blister packs" so that each

    dose is individually packaged for administration in a monthly supply.


    Medical Supplies

    For convenience, Ed's Pharmacy carries medical supplies that most often

    can only be found at medical supply stores.  Some supplies include: shower

    seats and chairs, transfer benches, support hose, crutches,

    wheelchairs, walkers, canes, sharps containers, etc.


    Respiratory Care Center

    Ed's Pharmacy carries many items needed for respiratory care.  Some

    items include: nebulizers, available for both rental and purchase, adult

    and pediatric nebulizer masks, and necessary tubing for the machine.

    We also carry pediatric-friendly character nebulizer machines.


    Contract Postal Station

    In addition to filling your prescriptions here, Ed's Pharmacy also

    has a small postal station located within our store.  We can mail

    letters and packages, sell stamps, and even house personal mail

    boxes. (Only able to accept cash and checks)


    Local Delivery

    Local Delivery available in most parts of Ft. Bend County

    (small fee applies)

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